Anybody nows centerpage?


How can i make my .swf movie (760*400) center 9top,bottom, left, right) in html without using Frames or Nestedframes? (in case of old versions of netscape and IE?)
does anybody now a script or html for this?


make a table in html, and make it 100percent wide and 100 percent tall. Inside this table, create another table at whatever width and height you want. Your flash movie will go in this table. Center the table and… voila! Centered Flash text… with possibility of a border.

Of course, you could have just centered the cel, but for some reason, browsers seem to like it better the other way.

For a quicker way with less coding you can make a table whose width=100% and height=100% and then in the then in the table data tag you can Align=center and Valign=middle and have its width and height=100%. Um, yeah, I know I have trouble explaining things, so I added an image to show you what I am talking about.

Click the image attachment link to see how your table tag should look. To me, this method is simpler and easier to use. This method works both in Internet Explorer and Netscape (at least for me it does).

Thanks everybody,

It worked and it even worked on netscape 4.0!!! (that’s quit a miracle i guess!)


If you can get anything to work on Netscape you can consider it a miracle:P