Anyone for a tile engine?

     Allright, first things first… Before you guys scream : COPY! COPY OF A THREAD! I deleted the other thread. Why? Because I wanted a more noticable and a more centralized point of view into the engine I’ve been creating. I want to know what you guys’ feelings are and I want to hear what you guys want. I want to review some of the things I plan on adding to my engine and I want to know what you guys think about that. Here are some of the things I’m planning on changing and implementing in my engine. I want to know your thoughts and ideas on everything.

For the First Beta Version
[]Text Edit Loaded Maps
]Small Lighting Effects
[]Top-Down Perspective
]Innovative Menu System
[]Item Interaction
]NPC Interaction

     I will be updating this list with more features as soon as I sit down and list some of the options I have. I also have to get in touch with my artist inside and build some tiles while I still can. Will talk to you guys later :slight_smile: