Anyone have or know of a good library for advanced string manipulation?

I really like the string.Format() method and the StringBuilder class in C# quite a bit.

I sucks AS3 isn’t as robust (yet, hopefully) with regard to string manipulation.

Consider the following in C#

decimal money = 53 / 7;
decimal percent = (2 / 3) * 100;
string moneyAndPercent = string.Format("{0:C}, {1:0.00}%", money, percent);

This is very quick and easy to do. It returns “$7.57, 66.67%” with very little effort.

So, are there any open source libraries for AS3 that include this kind of functionality (and more, hopefully)?

Currently, in order to have the same result in AS3 would take a lot more code.

I hate relying on C# and other languages to do more formatting and such than they really should when generating XML files and stuff like that.