Anyone know how to tween (in AS) from one colour to another?

I simply want to change the colour of DisplayObject (specifically a movieclip housing a textfield) from it’s original colour to another once moused over, then back to default colour when moused off. I need to know how to do so in code? Anyone know?

I know the ColorTransform class is used to change from one colour to another instantaniously, but I want it to morph from one colour to the other. So if default colour was black, and my desired colour is white, i want it to go from black, to dark gray, to gray, to light gray, to white.

I also found under the Color class, interpolateTransform (from:ColorTransform, to:ColorTransform), which appears to be used to tween from one color to another. However theres no examples on how to use it, let alone the Color class in general. I’m stumped…please help