Anyone know how to use this AMAZING infographic library in the Flash IDE ?

Anyone know how to use this AMAZING info graphic framework in the Flash IDE ?

NOT Flash Builder/Flex/Develop and all that crap, specifically the good old Flash IDE.

Sorry. Never heard of it :frowning:

You should be able to just download it, put the source in package path (or next to the fla) and import and use the API as documented. The samples are straight AS with no flex or other funky dependencies. Ex:

Hi, I tried, it doesn’t work.
Created a Flash document, name it JobVoyager.
public class JobVoyager extends App
public class JobVoyager extends Sprite

And then this happened:
“flare\vis\operator\, Line 14, Column 37 1045: Interface IMXMLObject was not found.”

Wanna have a go at it ?

Oops, guess I was wrong. Guess the source of the project pulls in some mx stuff. So maybe you can’t do it with Flash Pro (unless it has some way to integrate with that stuff, but I can’t remember now)

I frown upon the move from Flash IDE to those Flash Develop/Flash Builder/Flex crap.
It used to be so simple, code directly inside button/movieclip, and duplicateMovieClip.

Then suddenly it becomes cool to code EVERYTHING on external as files [I do that too and I can see the advantages] but then they move EVERYTHING away!

WHY WHY WHY, the concept of the Movieclip [timeline within timeline] is what makes Flash so powerful !
Flash killed a lot of its follower after that move.

I am not going to use FlashDevelop to use that framework, bye bye Flare.