Anyone know why this page only only seems to work with Firefox

…once you actually enter the site?


I gave up waiting for it to load

I don’t have the skip intro button in yet, sorry.

I saw the intro (cunningly called intro.swf) and the enter button…it’s the 10 minutes I waited after pressing that button without anything appearing that put me off.

Which suggests that, as the intro loaded fine, it’s either working okay in IE or else there’s a pathing issue loading the other SWF…although why that should only affect IE is beyond me.

Right, did u just get a white screen? I don’t get that with Firefox ever. Just with other browsers.

I obviously don’t know as much as you, but there is no need to be condescending. I’m only here asking for help, not to be belittled.

I suggest you reread my post. There’s nothing belittling in it - merely my observations of what is actually happening during the period I was willing to wait for something to actually happen.

But if you don’t want any assistance, I won’t be losing any sleep over it.

I apologize. The whole post didn’t come through originally. I’m baffled?

I am on a Mac G4 powerBook.

I checked out your site in 3 browsers (Safari, Opera and Firefox).

They all opened fine without any delays what-so-ever.

(Nice site. I liked it.)

[QUOTE=pixeltheatre;2358338]I apologize. The whole post didn’t come through originally. I’m baffled?[/QUOTE]

I’ve just checked it again, in IE, and it doesn’t appear to be loading any content after the Enter button on your intro has been pressed. As I mentioned before, this would suggest that there’s a pathing issue with the SWF you’re trying to load. The most common mistakes are putting the SWF into the wrong folder on the server and using incorrect capitalisation…remember that most servers use Unix which is case sensitive. So myMovie.swf is not the same as Mymovie.swf or MyMoViE.sWf

I would guess that its an embed issue with IE. Would you mind posting the <object> code for me? Thanks.