Anyone up for a 5 minute break?

Work is killing me so I took a break:

Wacom Graphire + Photoshop + 5 minutes =

I was talking with my friend about some guy who lives above her, and I decided to try and draw him (even though I haven’t seen him) Apparently he is blind and really disgusting and is always being questioned by the police. Here’s my rendition.


And a little color to make him all the more nasty.

hahaha, man that sure is a questionable face! Nice work AP! :thumb:

lol. AP good job.

i should take a 5 minuet break soon, maybe i will. sounds good.

We should make a collab, everyone does a 5 min piece and then we combine them to make a quilt like thing.

lol. It would be funny to see my ugly dude with ranokas monkey, thats for sure.

god i have got to bug my dad into getting me a graphire 3 for christmas… its been on my ‘wish list’ forever… and hes all for it too, he just never gets around to it.

You totally should, it is awesome. :thumb:

then you can share your crazy old dude sketches.

Let the dad manipulation begin… (im so good at that, i talked my way into a gamecube…)