Anyone up for a challenge

Hello everyone

I was recently (just today) taking a tutorial on about loading text from a seperate text file into a flash movie

When I thought hey would’nt it be interesting to be able to load an html file into that flash movie

So I started messing around with the action script a bit, nothing and then I searched the internet to see if anyone else thought of this apparently know one to my knowledge has

Me being almost flash illiterate said maybe I should ask the flash geniouses on Kirupa about this problem

This is the link to the tutorial if anyone is up for a challenge


Thank You

Well I can’t load HTML files, but I can allow HTML formatting in Flash MX. This allows you to use HTML code in a .txt file. I took the code directly from the tutorial and edited it like this…

//These are the Actions of Frame 1 on the Text Layer
loadText = new loadVars();
//creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
scroller.html = true;
scroller.htmlText = this.kirupatext;

You can use HTML to change the font, the color, and, well, use about any formatting tag in HTML (I think).

HTML formatting is available in Flash loaded text, but it’s extremely limited.

I’ll hunt around for the list - I have it written down somewhere in the stacks of paper on this desk…

Anyway, it’s a small list.


Thank You

for the help