Anyone used PHP-nuke?

Wondering if anyone ahs used php-nuke…and if y’all can give me some pointers on how it works, what I am meant to do to set it up etc.

I can usually get my head around stuff like this but in this case I can’t. I’ve been asked to learn it for work.

cheers in adv.

never heard of it, what’s it do? and why do you need it?

Basicly it works like any CMS, download it unzip/tar it install it and enjoy :slight_smile:

;P, make your own :stuck_out_tongue:

this is just the thing…I’VE NEVER USED A “CMS”

Nothing to get exited about… its just another website, look at it like a forum board. just edit config.php run install.php and change the site into what you want.

basically it manages your content, like a blog most of the time

k, maybe php nuke is not the average cms