Anyone want to compare bad days?

Well I’m kind of freaking out here, so I’ll just tell you loving forum members about my horrible day.

Around six o’clock my girlfriend of four years off and on came over and I broke up with her for pretty much no reason. Then I go for a drive, discover the error of my ways, and call her. She doesn’t pick, I’m assuming cause she doesn’t want anything to do with me. I leave a message explaning that I’m an idiot and that I made a huge mistake. I call a few more times. No luck. I get home, turns out the reason she didn’t answer the phone is because she’d been crying for like four hours and she has asthma. She couldn’t handle breathing like that, passed out, and the paramedics were at her house trying to revive her. I have no idea if she’s okay and no way of knowing at the moment. I am such a bad person.

So as I’m writing this it turns out that she’s okay. I’m so freaking releived, but I still feel horrible that I did that to her.

Anyone else have any fun stories?