Anyone want to make some quick money?

Ok here’s the thing,

I have less than two weeks left of my course and between now and then I have three projects to finish and two exams to study for. All work is going well and I have put a few hundred hours work over the past six or seven months outside of class but time is now running short. Everything is now coming to a head and I have asked for your help here and many have been very kind but the truth is I am a designer and not a programmer and my problem lies in this area.

I have built a simple quiz using the flash 2003 quiz template, here is my problem stated earlier in the forums…

“Basically I have a quiz swf that loads into an index swf. The quiz works fine during play BUT the feedback results return all zeros! When the quiz is run by itself it returns the correct values but when loaded onto a new level on this index swf the above happens!”

So here’s the deal…

I am willing to pay someone a small amount of money say… £25 or $45 to take my stripped down files and fix the problem for me. I know it’s not a large amount but it’s all I can afford, as I am pretty much broke. So to clarify, I need someone to take my files and change the code to allow the quiz to return the results at the end of the game when it loaded into the index swf. I am an honest person and a man of my word, if someone does this for me I will pay them by whatever means they please e.g. Paypal or post. In doing so I would like that person to keep my name etc confidential, as I don’t want to get in any trouble at university.

At the minute I am in the library and will stay here for half an hour to answer any questions and I will then return at about six or seven to see if anyone has taken up the offer.

Look at it this way… if you can fix the problem in 20 minutes you could make a quick $45.

The stripped down files are attached, if you do decide to give it a go don’t move any of the graphics please, they are nothing like the original but it will make it easier for me to replace them again.

Thanks for your time.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Ok the zip file is too big, its about 330 Kb

Anyone got an idea as to where I could upload it?[/COLOR]