App to read, load and presents

Hi Guys.
I’m designing & programming Flash templates for broadcasting, loading and playing SWF templates on live TV channels from a dedicated video player while loads data (text fields, images and FLV videos) from an XML playlist files.

I’d like to build an app which can be an offline testing environment (EXE ?),
It will know the local path to the SWF templates, images and data folders.
When i’ll load an XML playlist, it will know to load the SWF template and to fill the data inside it.

My problem is that i don’t know where to start, do i need to use any of the Adobe tools ?
I know AS3, but not sure if even possible.

This is a sample graphic part from a playlist:

  • mediaName is the SWF template name (HL0001).
  • meaning the field content (can be text, image or video file name)
  • there are also Start/Stop for each graphic template.

schedule startType="+ParentStart" startOffset=“00:00:15:00” endType="+ParentStart" endOffset=“00:00:30:00” _
_ cg layer=“3” type=“Template” disableRouting=“1”

_ stopAnimation enabled=“true” stopTimeOffset=“00:00:02:00” stopTimeType=“1” /_
_ mi rotas - Aris Kampanos_
_ Helicon_
_ cg_
_media mediaName=“HL0001” mediaType=“CG” _

If i’m not clear enough, please comment and i’ll try to explain better :slight_smile: