Appending variable to MCL Object within a class

So i’m trying to build a dynamic gallery class where each thumbnail has it’s own preloader, using the MovieClipLoader(). I’m making it so i can pull all the gallery img paths from a php page that spits it all out as a string seperated by and then splits the string by ("") to create my array. This is what I started with:

class GalleryClass {
function GalleryClass(galleryRaw){
galleryRaw = “test.jpgtest2.jpgtest3.jpg" galleryArr =new Array(); galleryArr = gallerRaw.split("”);
for (i=0;i<galleryArr.length;i++) {
var this[“thumbMCL”+i] = new MovieClipLoader();
var this[“thumbList”+i] = new Object();
this[“thumbMCL”+i].loadClip(galleryArr*, “targetMC”);
this[“thumbMCL”+i].onLoadProgress = function() {
//preloader actions

Bassically i’m trying to create a unique MCL object and Listnere for each gallery item.
anybody know how to do what I’m trying to do? Or know a more intuitive way to do this?