Application Drawing (delete shape problem)

Hi all,

i already create Drawing Application, the problem is i dont know how to do select each
shape i draw can delete the shape that i select.

here the code for drawing shape i create.

var temporaryDrawing:Shape = new Shape();
board.addChild(temporaryDrawing);, 0x666666, 1);

var myDrawing:Shape = new Shape();
board.addChild(myDrawing);, 0xFFFFFF, 1);

var mouseHolding:Boolean = false;
var clickedX:Number;
var clickedY:Number;

board.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mDown);
board.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, mUp);

function mDown(MouseEvent):void
        mouseHolding = true;
        clickedX = mouseX;
        clickedY = mouseY;

function mUp(MouseEvent):void
        mouseHolding = false;, alphaColor);, clickedY, mouseX-clickedX, mouseY-clickedY);;        

board.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, mMove);

function mMove(MouseEvent):void
    if (mouseHolding){
        clearTemp();, clickedY, mouseX-clickedX, mouseY-clickedY);

function clearTemp():void
{;, 0x666666, 1);

can someone help me how to create function that when i draw many shape on the board. i can delete any shape
when i select those shape that i draw.

Can someone help ?