Architectural Folio

Hi guys, thought id see what you guys thought of my first proper Architecture Folio. This is project 1 of 2, of the whole folio, so ill post up project 2 when ive finished that later in the week.

For project 1 i was supposed to design a satellite library on a given site (out behind one of the main buildings at uni, was an ultra dodgey site). Anyway, yeah we were supposed to think about creating thresholds and such. The building is just supposed to have computers where people can look up a book, or plug their laptop. The main feature though is supposed to be the espresso bar, where people can pick up a coffee as they pass by, or they can grab a coffee and go upstairs and do some work.

So yeah, i know most you prob aren’t totally architecturally savvy, (neither am i really, im only a 1st year noob). But let me know what you think. (oh and if your looking for extreme life like renders you’re looking in the wrong place, ive gone for the artistic abstractish effect in places)

Project 1:

Thanks guys and girls.


EDIT: Changed the link hopefully that one works, if not go via this one: