Are clips using attachMovie loaded into the first frame?

I have 5 frames in a Flash file. The fifth frame is the only frame that contains several attachMovie actionscript call lines. Each of the clips that are called using attachMovie contain large image file sizes.

When I used debugger, I noticed that the bulk of the data is not being loaded from the 5th frame, but from the 1st frame instead. Is this supposed to happen?

If this is so, the preloader that is being referenced on Kirupa doesn’t seem to work properly because it loads all the attachMovie frames first before the preloader is able to perform its own action. What happens is that 80% of the movie will load (I predict from the attachMovie call lines) before the preloader actions and its visual representation will appear.

I tried directly attaching these movieclips to the last frame along with the attachMovie(), thinking that phyiscally placed frame would have a higher priority. But the debugger still informs me that the bulk of the data is being loaded at the 1st frame.

Is there another workaround for this or another preloader that someone can recommend?

This is the preloader I used:


yes they are loaded in the first frame.look in linkage and untick the export in first frame.Then you need to create a dummy frame which the viewer never sees between your preloader and the main movie and drag instances of the mc onto the stage.

Of course! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. That totally worked.