Are infinite scrollers really so complicated?


Currently working on a scrollable mc of thumbnails which move inversely with the _xmouse position. The problem is that the mc continues to scroll back and forth while my mouse is moving around non-nav areas. How can I confine this? A good example of what I’m aiming for:

(click on one of the for women or for men categories)

Ah the ease with which the clothing scrolls!

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Use if statements.

I’m pretty much a beginner (so I need as many specifics as you can afford) I’ve basically hinged everything on my x position and would like to include the y. Is there any way to have two conditions on an if statement?
For example:
if (x > 0 and y > 0)
{then whatever;

Yes, use the logical && operator

if(conditionA && conditionB){
//do your stuff

Okay trying that and it’s still moving in an annoying fashion.
Here’s what I have so far, if you would like to add any of your own ingenious additions please feel free:

(variables widthmovie, widthphoto, xphoto defined elsewhere)

xmouse = _xmouse - (widthmovie / 2) + 44;
if (speed < 0) {
speed = -(speed);
if (xmouse < 0) {
xphoto = xphoto + speed;
if (xmouse > 0) {
xphoto = xphoto - speed;
if (xphoto > 0) {
xphoto = 0;
if (xphoto < -(widthphoto - widthmovie)) {
xphoto = -(widthphoto - widthmovie);
setProperty(_root.scoreboard.thumbs.content, _x, xphoto);

my url is if you care to visit the annoying nav.

(any chosen category will have an example of the scoreboard thumbnails)


Have you checked this tutorial?

Yes, and I’ve never been able to make it quite work. I may try a different tack and just put the nav in a seperate swf on top of my content swf. Is there any way to load a movie into a specific x and y location?

ONE MILLION THANK YOUS! Continuing to scratch around with your && suggestion and Hallelujah it works!
What a lovely lovely service to those in need!
One million more thank yous,