Are there any websites that talk about the latest

hello kirupaForum,

Are there any websites that talk about the latest trends in web development/design?

is so can you list them?

thanks… :book:

I dont know about latest trends but you can see my sticky in the Kool Sites forum if you like.

in my opinion, there shouldnt be “latest trends”. i think every designer should come up with their own ideas and create wonderful things without the need of someone telling you what is “popular”. if everyone copies each other, and everyone has the same sites, whats the point? i believe you should stand out of the crowd, and be different, and u dont need to fit in.

it’s a nice idea xperiment, but the reality is that a lot of people don’t want something unique, they want something that looks cool and modern… so they can identify with their audience, who have an idea in their head of what is cool.
sure it does change over time, but it’s often a gradual thing, so you can’t realistically just ALWAYS be doing your own thing, or it’s just too disconnected from what people want.

sorry, i don’t have any links. It’s always good to check out sites from the major companies though, since they often do trendy work and help to set the new trends…

i.e fantasy interface, 2A, 24-7 and so on…

i hear the best trend is the one you start.:slight_smile: make one and make the web revlotion yours.

(man. i never spoke like that before:P)

Go to and see what is trendy. Trendy sucks. Get creative. Go out in the world, and interpret things, and put them into design. It’s all about originality man. Or if you want to make money from local joe’s know don’t know a website from a hole in the ground, just go do another rip-off of :pirate3:


ordinary follow trends, extraordinary make them.
-I just said it rightnow :stuck_out_tongue: