Armor Games Contest 3

(full contest info here: )
Hello People of SITE FORUM

I’m checking in to tell you about a great opportunity: the third Armor Gaming Challenge. The first one and the second one were a huge success with over 40 games submitted (to the second one alone), this is real, and it is your chance to win money off flash :wink:

You are being invited to participate in the Armor Gaming Challenge III, a fresh cool new Flash contest.
The (AGC3) Armor Gaming Challenge III is a great flash contest and your chance to win money off your flash skills brought to you by Armor Games .com .

What is it about?

The AGC3 contest is theme free : ) you are able to create any sort of game you’d like, there are however bonuses for really cool themes : ) In this contest your job is to construct a flash game.

So what do I have to do?

Make and apply a flash game and/or movie in that spirit by the contest under it’s rules due date March 30th 2006. Include the Armor Games logo linking to somewhere visible on that submission.
Mail us your name and a link to your submission, and you’re in.
(contest rules here:

Is there a submission limit?

Not at all, submit as many entries as you want, that will increase your chances of winning! You may win as many prizes as you’d like.

Why should I take part in this contest?

Well, three major reasons:

  1. Win Prizes!:
    Grand Prize
    2 x XBox 360*
    2 x iPod Nano(4 Gig)*
    $550 in Cash
    2nd Place
    2 x XBox 360*
    $400 in Cash
    3rd Place
    2 x XBox 360*
    $100 in Cash
    4th Place
    2 x iPod Nano(4 Gig)*
    5th Place
    2 x iPod Nano(2 Gig) *

$100 Staff Favorite: Full game contract with AG!!!
enough prizes for everyone AND it’s designed to work in teams

  1. Get well known in the flashing business:
    Not once or twice people participating in contests hook up and get to know many
    important personals in the flashing business. Your game will also be featured on
    Armor Games .com for no charge. Furthermore you will enjoy the full support
    of Armor Games’s dedicated staff and personals. It is quite common that people who enter the contests get awesome deals by Armor Games and other sponsors.
  2. For plain fun! Armor Games naturally will not sell your game. Making flashes
    is a fun thing to do!

Don’t try to fool me! What do you get out of this?

For one thing we get our site famous. We are hosting this contest in order to put Armor Games on the flash site map. For another we give you flashers encouragement to
produce quality flash which is something we want to see more of. Last but not least
we are looking for another Armor Games expert flasher for the staff (staff’s favorite
prize). These contests are running for quite some time now, they have built themselves quite a reputation and are well known now as reliable.

Another reason we’re doing this is because we want to contribute to the flash industry back :slight_smile: flashers DESERVE to get paid for their hard work.

Are you really going to give out all this money for flashes?


Mail me any further questions to: [email protected] if you have anything that isn’t urgent please use [email protected] or [email protected]. Don’t worry, all three are manned, we are not some faceless site, we really care about you, these are private accounts.