Array 2.0 It gets worse: the story of my flash life

How do i guarantee that a different item from the array shows up in the different movie clips?

no suggestions yet? At least take a look guys. Please
Thanks. :>

hey! i did take a look at ur fla and but i dont know if this is what u want to accomplish.

thanks g, Your method helped me a great deal but it was still flawed a bit because the method you used in the movie clips with the text boxes still showed the same variable sometimes.
I did however find another way to get it done. In the original file, i simply changed the array item being referred to in the var declaration box located on the properties tab of the particular text box.
simple enough. But thanks, at least i was forced to think which is always good.

Actually no, i merely changed the reference in the actionscript inside the movie clips with the text. I found that even without a reference on the var properties of the text box you can still import different values in the different movie clips.