Array challenged (xml to array)

I read the excellent tutorial included on this site, but I am afraid that I am too stupid to genearalize the content and parse it to a new problem. I just don’t get it. I have tried to get it, for days and days I’ve tried. But I really don’t.

I just can’t make this work. I understand arrays in theory, but apparently not in code. Because what I am doing just isn’t working.

My xml document is pretty simple
<section type=“st”>
<content>Twenty words</content>
<section type=“b1”>
<content>Twenty words</content>
<content>Twenty words</content>
<section type=n>

I was able to load this file and display it, but now that I need to parse it, I can’t make anything show.
This is what I am doing, can someone, anyone tell me what is wrong?
Also, if someone can explain this array process so I can understand it, I would be very gratefull (but hey, I’m really asking too much now).

Here is the code that in my ignorance and naivety, I had so hoped would make my day. But after about seven hours (today), websites, books, and lost hair, I am as stumped now as I was when I started.

//init TextArea component
content_txt.html = true;
content_txt.wordWrap = true;
content_txt.multiline = true;
//load css
modStyle = new TextField.StyleSheet();
content_txt.styleSheet = modStyle;

//load in XML
modContent = new XML();
modContent.ignoreWhite = true;

ModContent.onLoad = function(success){
if (success){
var Mod1Content = this.firstChild.firstChild.nodeName;
content_exe.html = Mod1Content [0];

}else{ content_txt.text = “Error loading XML”;
//this brings no joy