Array help Thanks in advance:)

Thanks in advance

I am trying to load 2 arrays. the first array is a dynamic navigation menu (linkName). The second array is the corresponding title that is loaded in a dynamic textfield. For example if link1 is clicked I want the dynamic textfield to display title1 from the array if link2 is click display title2 and so on. as of right now the dynamic navigation loads fine I just cant seem to figure out a good way to do this without writing a bunch of if statements. I would like it if the programming assumed the that the length of the title array is always going to be the same length as the link array and it finds the corresponding index.

var linkName:Array=[“link1”,“link2”,“link3”,“link4”];
var pageTitles:Array=[“title1”,“title2”,“title3”,“title4”];

var menuHolder:Sprite = new Sprite;

// loading the navigation bar
for(var i:uint = 0; i < linkName.length; i++){

var btn:Sprite = new Sprite();
btn.mouseChildren = false;
btn.buttonMode = true;

var titles:TextField = new TextField();
titles.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
titles.selectable = false;
titles.text = linkName*;

menuHolder.y = 100;

titles.x = (btn.width/2) - (titles.width/2);
titles.y = (btn.height/2) - (titles.height/2);

    var xPos = 0;
btn.width = 100;
btn.x = xPos;
xPos += btn.width+2;

var pageplus = i + 1; = pageplus;
btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loadtitles)


function loadtitles(event:MouseEvent):void{

var titleholder:Sprite = new Sprite;

var pagetitle:TextField = new TextField;

var currentpage =;

// taking the array position 
    currentpage = i;
	pagetitle.text = "" + pageTitles[currentpage];