Array Help


I work on AS3 one week, and then take a break for a few weeks, then work on it a day, take a break, etc… So I forget some of the basics, and need refreshers. I think I need to stop taking breaks. :disco:

Anyway, need help with this.

I push multiple strings into an array, and some of the strings are the same.

var myArray = new Array();
myArray.push (Snivvle);
myArray.push (Kirupa);
myArray.push (Snivvle);

I want to find out which element positions “Snivvle” hogs up. We can see that it would be using element 0 and 2, and if we do an “indexOf” we would only get to see element 0, and doing a “lastIndexOf” we would only see element 2. How do I find out ALL of the element positions “Snivvle” is located in, so that it returns: element 0, element 2.