Array of array as param?

I’m trying to pass an array of X arrays as parameters to a function such as :
var someArray = [0, 1, 2];
var someOtherArray = [A,B,C];
array = [someArray, someOtherArray,…];

The problem is that the function doesn’t see where the 1st array stops, it’s like passing a big array such as
myMC.someFunction(someArray,SomeOtherArray, …) becomes
myMC.someFunction(0,1,2,A,B,C) instead of myMC.someFunction([0,1,2],[A,B,C]);
I even tried to make a string such as str += “[array[0]]”+","+"[array[1]] … but it still passes everything as one big array…

So how to pass X arrays to a function??