Array of SWF's using AttachMovie?

Hey again!
I again came across a new problem (something that I dont know how to solve) so here’s the deal:

I’m making a website that dynamically loads images from an array, like a slideshow. Now I want to load external SWF’s (instead of JPG’s) from an array.
So what I thought was obvious, is to change the array from “image.jpg” into “movie.swf” but that didnt work ofcourse. I checked my AS Cookbook and it says that I need to use AttachMovie for this. Awesome! But… HOW do I add that to my current code? Help!

Here’s what I have now (I changed the existing image array to what i thought was right):

this.pathToPrint = "images/graphic/print/";

photo = function(picture, caption) {
		this.picture = picture;
		this.caption = caption;
printArray = new Array();

objPhoto = new photo("project3.swf", "project 3 beatrixhoofd");
objPhoto = new photo("clavers.swf", "clavers brochure");
objPhoto = new photo("bla.swf", "caption");


// sliding code
easeSpeed = 3;
var xMove = numb1._x;
slider.onEnterFrame = function() {
	this._x += (xMove-this._x)/easeSpeed;
for (var i = 1; i<=26; i++) {
	but = this["numb"+i]; = i;
	but.onPress = function() {
		xMove = this._x;
	// visited button color changing
	but.onRollOver = function () {
		//assign a var to this buttons name and ful path on RollOver
		getButName = this;
	but.onRelease = function () {
		//make sure the name of the btn has been assigned in the RollOver
		getButName._alpha = 40;
		//do a color tint instead of alpha property 
		//btnColor = new Color(getButName);
next_btn.onRelease = function() {
    this._parent.printIndex<this._parent.printArray.length-1 ? this._parent.printIndex++ : this._parent.printIndex=0;
	xMove = this._parent["numb"+(this._parent.printIndex+1)]._x
back_btn.onRelease = function() {
	this._parent.printIndex>0 ? this._parent.printIndex-- : this._parent.printIndex=this._parent.printArray.length-1;
	xMove = this._parent["numb"+(this._parent.printIndex+1)]._x

Also, when attaching an external SWF… how do you tell it Where to load exactly? Like x and y? Or do you have to load them in a movieHolder? That seems obvious…


ps: let me know if you want to have the FLA (mx or mx2004)