Array sorting, resulting in MC placement

Hello everyone, I’ve run into a bit of a problem and I’m pretty stuck.
What I’m attempting is a simple menu that can be sorted according to three categories, each of which is contained in an array. Name(alphabetically), color(also alphabetic) and date(numeric). The way it’s set up thus far is there are 12 instances inside a mc, each adding to 3 separate arrays according to the information they contain.

this code is on a MC with the instance name of floogins:

onClipEvent(load) {[0] = "floogins";
	_root.listSort.type[0] = ["red", "floogins"];[0] = [12, "floogins"];

the mc’s that follow are basically the same with the exception that they add different info to higher index numbers.

So each of the arrays is filled with 12 bits of data.
// sort by name:
Once the user presses the button to sort the mc’s alphabetically, I’m using; which works great, and I’m able to arrange the data on the screen because the instance name is what’s being sorted in the array.
//sort by color:
I’m also sorting these alphabetically using _root.listSort.type.sort(); this puts all the reds together, all the blues together, and so forth and I’m able to reference the instance name since it’s contained within the nested array.
//sort by date:
here’s the problem, I’m trying the same technique that was used for the color, but when I add a second piece of info to the nested array, AS starts looking at the info like a string instead of a number and using the sort(16); doesn’t work correctly. I’m ready to just start using a,b,c etc. instead of numbers, but I’d rather figure this out.

I guess the bottom line is, once the data is sorted, I need to figure an efficient manner of referencing the correct instance that the sorted info came from.
Any ideas would be much help.
here’s the .fla, this one works but only because I changed the date array’s numerical value to be a,b,c etc. but I’d much prefer to use the numerical value to sort.