Arrays and a MovieClip gotoAndStop problem

I have 1 movieclip, called ‘copy’, and 10 other movieclips acting as a button, called ‘items’ 1 through 10, on a stage. Each ‘item’ button tells ‘copy’ to advance to the corresponding frame.

I am also using a for loop to help me generate the button actions.

I would like button ‘item1’ to advance to frame 1 of ‘copy’, ‘item2’ to advance to frame 2 of ‘copy’, and so on. But, what happens is that the ‘copy’ frame is always advancing to frame 10, regardless of which button is pressed.

If anyone can inform me of what I am doing incorrectly that would be great.

Here is my code:

items = [ item1, item2, item3,… item10];

for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {
items*.onPress = function() {