Arrays, loops, AddEventListeners Problem

Hi, I’m sure this is something very dumb, but I just can’t it figure out…
I think it’s easier to look at the code than to try to describe: (this is a part of a error free source)

for (var k:int=0;k<UILoaderArray.length;k++)
UIReq = new URLRequest(thumbnailPaths_arr[k]);
UILoaderArray[k].addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, TnCompleted);

function TnCompleted(evt:Event):void {

//////The actual length is 13, so there are 13 traces of thumbnailPaths_arr. OKAY
/////The problem is that I should get many COMPLETE event, but I only get one…
anyone can explain?
(I’ve already made it work but the code was bad with too many ?imbricated? functions)
I’ve tried with a Array.forEach method with corresponding function, same thing, only one event occur, all links are good and verified, so they should be loading, and they are very small thumbnails (3-5k) loaded locally so… the issue is not there.

thanks a lot