Does anybody know of how i can get movie clips into an array.

after that if the user clicks on a button i need a variable set so that i can use that number as an subscript for the array and put the MC on the stage!!

Any ideas??

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Someone will answer, just have patience.


i have an old fla that may be useful, you need to put the actions in your buttons and instead of a random number, specify wich number you want. check out the fla…

Thanks Zy thats what i was looking for. But i have 3 different buttons, each associated with a different mc. With the code you gave, every button calls the same mc.

More help need plz.

OK forget that last post…i figured that one but, now the problem is that i cant change its posistion

Which position?

ok, i altered the old fla and i guess this is what you need (i think)
i used mc buttons istead of button buttons so that i could keep the whole script in the main timeline… if you have trouble understanding it, let me know and ill make it easier by using button buttons…

I did figure it out but, thanks for the update…thats a lot neater than i did it. I had ‘button’ buttons and named them and then used
_root.buttonname.onRelease() = function…etc…etc

then repeated the script with differnet button names, and different number for the array

Thanks a lot for the help

OK im having trouble again Zy
When ever i try and change the mc1 button to different image or movie clip the script stops working!!!

Help plz

Hey guess what i figured it out again.
Now all i need to do is get ride of the button once the mc comes up

any ideas anyone???

are you using button buttons or mc buttons. if you’re using button buttons then you need to put them into movieclips so that you can use button1.removeMovieclip if they are already movieclips then just use that code…