Artbased Swapdepth issue

THere seems to be a lot of threads with swapdepth issues, but I can’t seem to find one with my particular situation. I am trying to make a Art based Iso game.

The key question here is can you control the swapdepth of individual movieclips inside a bigger movieclip (loaded at runtime) inside a main file?

I have a player character in the main game window. I need the individual clips inside external clips ( imported with LoadMovie at runtime) to be controlled to go in front or behind the character (based on if the players hitzone is touching a zone in the individual clip.

I have it working to swap the depth of the imported external clip, but there seem to be conflicts with the individual clips. So if an individual clip is overlapping another, then the one behind overlaps the player. You can see this as the front object goes transparent.

I read somewhere there are issues with this from a depth perspective, does anybody have any idea if its even possible?

Doing trace tests using getDepth() it seems that its depth is in front of the character at depth 1 …but it doesn’t actually go in front.