Artificial Intelligence and Flash

Friends ,
I, Prashant Dixit, am a Communication Design student in India, (visit my site for more info abt me (<> ). I am working on developing a software agent of finance domain. I am aiming at making it an intelligent agent so that it communicates with the user at a very novice level and takes him/her at expert level of making decisions of investment strategies and makes him/her understand the entire concept of market, finance and business. For that purpose , I’ve fixed Flash as my platform for working but as we know flash has its limitations in AI issues and I am struggeling with tht due to my limited programming (Action Scripting) skills. I’ve a software on AI that talks with the user and answers his/her queries in a very intelligent manner but that is a dos mode file (an exe) . All that I want is to make such program in flash through action scripting with keeping our topics of discussion strictly on financial and investment issues. you can download tht AI software frm this link
(unzip the file and execute the ‘ECCELIZA.exe’ file)

Is there anyone who can create such flash program or convert that .exe file to swf ???
Can anyone tell me how to start creating AI interfaces in flash which understands what user wants and answers the user in a best possible manner.
Since this is for my academic project work so i really need your help.
Hoping for an early reply