Artificial Intelligence

ya me too… I worked at it for a week and this is the best I got: SWF

I think I’m going about it all wrong…

NOTE: Key down to turn on adjust mode, then click and drag to change the squares. Key down again to turn it off.

Wow… Just like the rest of my stuff… Everything kind-a faded away…

Well I finally got my laptop up and running and a stable internet connection at the house… I’ll see what I can do about sprucing up the AI and Video Game Programming tutorials… And maybe actually finishing up some rudimentary stuff for all of this…

I’ll try and start throwing some things up mid-September… We shall see… :slight_smile:

All good stuff so far - thanks for your efforts Marz. Looking forward to some future updates if you get the chance :¬)


Thanks man… :slight_smile: I look forward to updating these when I have time.

yeh marz ur awesome. I knew jack all about AI less than a month ago. but i read through ur tuts and i understood the concept straight away and now i use the method for a ton of other stuff as well.

great job and look forward to seeing sum more in the future =D

I couldnt agree more :D. Hey Marz, you should put a tutorial up on the tutorial section =).

I might just do that… With the laptop around… it’s easier to get some **** done… I might have to update the old tutorials with some new mx2004 class nodes or something like that too… Who knows? :slight_smile: I’m working on an inventory system right now before I do the rest of these… :slight_smile: thanks guys… Muy appreciano.

Really awesome tutorials. I understood the whole thing so easily. You write good tutorials. I can’t wait for the others.

These tutorials are a gift from above. I can finally understand AI thanks to Marz.

blush Thanks guys… I’ll be sure to format these ones better so that they are even easier to read… And I’ll try building some examples too… I have a guy willing to do some graphics for my tutorials… so that’ll be nice :slight_smile:

Look forward to more tutes guys… And if you ever need help… Post of send it to [email protected]

How do u make it so, thats say your character has a sword and you what him to chop the enemy up what would you do hittest

Was that a question?!? i’m an aussie and i didn’t understand it! do u want to know if when u hit an enemy with a sword he dies, cause that isn’t relevant to this thread, i suggest u make a new one

how would i imply these into tonypas system of tiled based enemy