As 2.0 & As 3.0

Hi guys i have been learning as 2 for about a month now, since early October, using the “ - ActionScript 2.0 in Macromedia Flash MX 2004” video tutorial set i downloaded. I told my friend that i am learning AS 2.0 and he told me that i am learning an older language and should be learning AS 3.0. Plus, he said that if i wanted to do complex actionscripting, i should learn AS 3.0. My response to this was that i choose to learn AS 2.0 to get a good foundation and i also said that they were not COMPLETELY different. I also said that if i wanted to learn AS 3.0 i had to have know AS 2.0.

Right now i learning about objects and classes but after understanding AS 2.0, i may not even decide to learn as 3.0 because i want to then learn how to incorporate server-side languages like PHP to develop a web application.

If you were in my position, would you have started to learn AS 3.0? Or do you think i should stop and learn AS 3.0?

You comments and suggestions would be very appreciated.