AS 2.0 - if swf is already loaded, ignore

See attached diagram for clarity. Sorry for the long msg.

Hello - I am creating a site where there is a portfolio section with icons for each piece of artwork.

Regardless of which icon 1-10 is clicked, for the first time ONLY, I want to load a swf which “draws in” a portfolio “background”, and another swf on a higher level which corresponds to the icon clicked (lets say a sample artwork).

However, if the user has previously clicked another portfolio icon and is currently viewing one of the portfolio pages, there is no need to load the “background” swf again (it would be tedious watching the drawing in animation over again).

I’ve designated a target container movieclip for each.

The icons swf file with the buttons is another swf on the timeline.

Is there some code which can check to see if the background swf is already loaded into its container? And in which swf would I attach the code? Any help appreciated.