AS 2.0: Looping through a childNode of a childNode problem

Morning everyone!
I’ve been working on a flash presentation for work. It’s pretty much a mini-site with links to PDF’s files and DOCS for distributors. I am feeding everything from an XML file so we can easily update this presentation for our other products.

I’ve run into a problem on the last part of this swf and I can’t seem to get the proper syntax to get this working properly. I am looping through the childNodes and creating MC and filling with data. I can loop through the first set of childNodes no problem. But its when one of these first set childNodes has a set of childNodes itself, I cant pair up that data with it’s parent on the flash movie.

So here’s my XML:

<page title="KIT CONTENTS">
                    <doc title="Patient Instructions" file="pdf/patient_inst.pdf">Patient instructions are specifically designed with the patient in mind.</doc>
                    <doc title="Specimen Collection Tube" file="pdf/collectiontube.pdf">The patented specimen Collection Tube doubles as a convenient, sanitary dispenser.</doc>
                    <doc title="Return Mailer Kit" file="">This includes:
                            <bullet>Specific, detailed directions with colorful pictures to reduce ambiguity</bullet>
                            <bullet>Specimen Collection Tube and Collection Paper to obtain fecal sample</bullet>
                            <bullet>Absorbent sleeve, Specimen Pouch and Return Mailer box for mailing Collection Tube to doctor's office or laboratory</bullet>
                    <bar title="Patient Instructions" image="images/p_inst.jpg" file="PatientInstructions.pdf"/>
                    <bar title="Specimen Collection Tube" image="images/ctube.jpg" file="collectiontube.pdf"/>

And I cant line up the 3 items under the I cant seem to attach the bullet items to the movieclip that holds its parent info.

Here’s my AS for the loop:

for (var i = 0; i<dcount; i++) {
        var item_mc = mcDocs.attachMovie("MC_Docs", "item"+item_count, item_count);
        item_mc._y = item_count*item_spacing;
        // If a Doc item has Bullets, loop and create the MC
        if (docs.childNodes*.hasChildNodes()){
            var list = docs.childNodes*.childNodes[1];
            var bullet = list.childNodes;
            var bitem = bullet.nodeValue;
            for (var b = 0; b<dcount; b++) {
                var list_mc = item_mc.attachMovie("MC_Bullet", "list"+list_count, list_count);
                list_mc._y = list_count*list_spacing;
                list_mc.txtBullet.text = list.childNodes**.childNodes;
        // Dynamic Symbols for Doc Loop
        item_mc.txtDocTitle.text = docs.childNodes*.attributes.title;
        item_mc.txtDocIntro.text = docs.childNodes*.firstChild;

Is anyone able to show me what I’m doing wrong?

Here’s an image of what I am seeing: