AS 2 Class Question

Ok… I have a question regarding methods within a class.

I currently have a class that has a method that creates new duplicates of a clip on the screen, changes some of their properties (such as color, and text display), and then arranges them in a straight column.

Inside that method, I have some clipEvent Statements for each button.

currentButton.onRollOver = function() {
	this._alpha = 70;
currentButton.onRollOut = function() {
	this._alpha = 100;

Now, the two functions that are called, expandButton() and shrinkButton(), will not execute. (they are other functions built into this class.)

What would cause this? And more importantly, how might I go about fixing it? :slight_smile: (Currently I’ve just copied the code from each function into the clipEvent functions, which works.) Is there any other way to remedy this?

try trace(shrinkButton), if returns undefined, check and see on what timeline are the functions declared, must be a referncing issue :slight_smile:

there isn’t a timeline though… this is inside a class. and the place i’m using the class is only one frame long. i’ll try the trace thing though. thanks!


is not refering to any class

yeah. i realized that late last night… i’m working to fix it. thanks for your help!