AS 3.0 Video Gallery adaptation Doesn't work online - HELP

I’m creating a site which utilizes an adaptation of Dan Carr’s Flash Video Gallery (AS 3.0). And it functions properly when I test it locally on my machine, but once I upload it to our server it doesn’t load the video galleries. …well, it appears to load the galleries, because it goes to the second frame of the Flash Video Gallery SWF where the video application is, but it won’t load my thumbnails or video and the loader stays on screen.

The site consists of:
1- main SWF that is my interface
1 - dynamically loaded SWF digital clock (uses AS 2.0)
4 - dynamically loaded SWFs that are each separate instances of the Flash Video Gallery

Like I said it works fine when testing it locally, but it doesn’t seem to work online.
The file structure remains the same on the server as it was on my local machine, so I don’t think it’s a problem of finding files and I don’t receive any errors when testing.
Any help would be great.

The other problem that I’m having is that when I test the application locally the fullscreen button on my videos won’t work. Is this because it is a dynamicaly loaded SWF nested into the main SWF? If I load the Gallery SWF into it’s own browser by itself the fullscreen function works fine, but not when it’s loaded into my main SWF.
Can somebody help with this as well?