[AS FLASH8] - Loading fullscreen external SWF's into a fullscreen SWF

Hey guys, sorry if this gets confusing I’m trying to explain the best I can.

Here’s what I’m having a problem with: http://golibersuch.com/c/mnsm3.html

What I’ve done is created a “fullscreen SWF” by using ActionScript to stretch a movie clip (yellow rectangle) in the background to fill the whole browser frame. The navigation is positioned in the upper left using ActionScript also; when the user resizes the window, positions are adjusted so the nav always stays in the upper left. (Adapting the technique from http://www.tutorialized.com/tutorial/Fullscreen-Flash-Movie-with-No-Scaling-or-Stretching/13567)

External SWFs are loaded from an XML file into a blank movie clip on a layer that is between the yellow background and the navigation (adapting the kirupa XML Photo Gallery). Here’s my problem: I want to be able to create full screen backgrounds for these external SWFs so when they are loaded into the main SWF they cover up all the of yellow background of the main clip. Also if the user resizes the window, I hope like the main SWF, the background on the external SWF can also resize to match.

If you press next twice to get to item three for example, I want to be able to stretch that orange box to fill the entire background. You’ll notice if you resize the window on the third item, the orangle rectangle will adjust, it’s just not correct. Any ideas? Maybe I’m going about this wrong. If this helps, a zip of all related files including .fla can be found here: http://golibersuch.com/c/mnsm.zip

Thanks! Any input would be appreciated.