AS glitch

Hi…I was trying to make a banner where a line goes across from right to left continously and as it progesses its alpha
value goes down…

the file doesn’t seem to attach
anyways this is my code

speed= -15;
this._x += speed;


ok i’m confused. first you have the load before the enterFrame…and you also have actions in both that i’m guessing should play in each frame. can you explain again what you’re trying to achieve?

What I was trying to do was make a line
in a banner go from left to right and then reappear again on the right side…(like a continious motion)…with that, i also wanted the line to slowly fade out…i wanna do all of this in actionscript only…how possible? also can i loop in a single frame with AS? like Lingo has {on exitframe me go to the current frame}…

dont use an on exit enter current command… flash will auto loop as long as you dont use a stop action, or request that it doesnt loop