AS & PHP variable question?

I’m working threw this tut “AS and PHP Made Easy” amd in the AS part of the tut he defines soem variables in flash with a “$” in front. Now i know this is required in PHP when use a varaiable but do u need them in AS?

Link to tut

no, not at all… it doesn’t hurt, but i don’t see why would he used the $ in flash, it just causes confusion. i’ve seen cases where a $ is used to indicate/note an internal property (in OOP)… :slight_smile:

k thats what i thought. if i did have the “$” on my varibels in flash is my variable “$var” or “var”? does flash reconize it and dissgreard it?

$ is A legal character. $myVar would not refer to myVar, they’re simply two different variables =)

ya thought so. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. YOu wil lbe seeing a ton more threads form me in here and the server side scri[ting secitons. I finaly got on a server with PHP so i’m learnign like crazy.

Thanks again Ahmed.

no probs, glad to hear you’re getting into server-side flash, that’s my passion! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do u happen to have nay links to some amzing tuts on XML, PHP, and Action Script. Like comunitcating between PHP and AS or AS and xml interaction?

The tuts on kirupa are ok but i need something with a little more substance.

hm… i haven’t come across any, i learned most of my stuff from different books :frowning:

Try google, i’m sure you’ll find good ones on whatever topic you’re looking at =)

Ya most ppl i’ve asked have said books. Thanks again:thumb:

3 letters…FOE…

for those of you who dont understand…

FOE = friends of ed

thats all im sayin…