AS question / scrollpane

Ok, the setup:
_root has one instance of scrollpane with dynamically attached content => works fine.
over _root, i show/hide another mc with another instance of the scrollpane.
no matter what i try
-clip in library with linkage =>scrollpane.setScrollContent(“linkageID”)

  • clip on stage, instance name, then set as scroll content in component parameters
    -createEmptyMovieClip in that clip and then use name in setScrollContent
    …nothing works??? The clip shows with it’s content, but it never gets set as the scrollcontent, just overlaps the scrollpane.
    can’t you have 2 scrollpanes one above the other??
    (yes, thoriphes…)

No one had this pb before?
Ok, never mind, I removed one of the panes and found a workaround…