as1 -> as2 OOP problems

I recently started programming in AS1 and tried to do some OOP stuff which went fine, now im learning AS2 and trying to learn how to programme OOP with that. its alittle diffrent and Ive read the threads about it but cant seem to find an answer anyways.

The problem is attaching movieclips to an object class Ive created. I have no problems with it In AS1 but when it comes to AS2 im kinda clueless, so I could use some help in how to do it.

//ActionScript 1.0
Char = function () {
this.image = attachMovie(“character”, mcCharacter, getNextHighestDepth());
//creating a char object
hero = new Char();
//place the image somewhere else

how would I go to write this in AS2?
I have my seperate file called

//ActionScript 2.0
class Char {

var item:MovieClip=new MovieClip();

  function Square() {
       image = attachMovie("character", mcCharacter, getNextHighestDepth());


how do i get this to work?