[AS2.0 FMX2004] Problem with overlapping movie clip buttons

Hi all!

I currently have a problem with a dynamically created menu.
Picture if you will, an area which is effectively an invisible button (it’s actually a movieclip) I have placed on the stage, which acts like an image map.

When you roll over this invisible button, a menu tweens into view within this rollover area (which is defined by the shape of the invisible button). Not only does a menu tween into view, but I have a little background animation playing behind the menu.

However, when you roll over the buttons in the menu, it’s as if the invisible button loses focus and causes a rollout event to occur, which takes away the background animation, and rolling off the buttons (but still within the invisible button area I’ve defined) invokes another rollover event to take place.

Hope this makes sense. I haven’t got a picture with me at the moment to help make it clearer. Basically, it’s overlapping movie clips, but when rolling over the inner one, it invokes a rollout event of the outer one, and when rolling off the inner one, it replays the rollover event of the outer one again.

Thanks for any assistance.