[as2 cs4]Need help with an flash contact form

I hope this is the best section to put this question in as this form also uses php. I am somewhat of a novice with both AS2 and PHP, but I’ve been trying. I suppose I’d need someone to check both my php information and my as2 information. I’m going to list my action script that I used originally and the php I’m using. I changed the action script and added a bunch of stuff, thinking that it would help, but it hasn’t. My problem isn’t getting it to work, it’s adding extra information that I want sent in the email (such as “company”, “best time to contact” etc.). Anyway, I hope I can find some assistance here. Thank you in advance.

Original AS:
send_btn.onRelease = function() {
my_vars = new LoadVars();
my_vars.sender = email_box.text;
my_vars.subject = subject_box.text;
my_vars.message = message_box.text;
if (my_vars.sender != “” and my_vars.subject != “” and my_vars.message != “”) {
my_vars.sendAndLoad(“mailer.php”, my_vars, “POST”);
} else {
my_vars.onLoad = function() {
email_box.onSetFocus = subject_box.onSetFocus=message_box.onSetFocus=function () {
if (error_clip._currentframe != 1) {

The PHP I’m using (which I edited in hopes that it was correct) is:

// read the variables form the string, (this is not needed with some servers).
$subject = $_POST[“subject”];
$event = $_POST[“event”];
$message = $_POST[“message”];
$sender = $_POST[“sender”];
$company = $_POST[“company”];
$time = $_POST[“time”];
$phone = $_POST[“phone”];
$email = $_POST[“email”];
$guests = $_POST[“guests”];

// remove the backslashes that normally appears when entering " or ’
$event = stripslashes($event);
$message = stripslashes($message);
$subject = stripslashes($subject);
$sender = stripslashes($sender);

// add a prefix in the subject line so that you know the email was sent by online form
$subject = "Order from “. $subject;
$message = “”.$subject.”

Company: “.$company.”

Phone Number: ".$phone.

Event Type: “.$event.”

Number Of Guests: ".$guests.

Best Time To Contact: “.$time.”

Message: ".$message;

$myEmail = "[email protected]";

// send the email, make sure you replace [email protected] with your email address
if(isset($message) and isset($subject) and isset($sender)){
mail($myEmail, $subject, $message, “From: $sender”);

Thanks again. E.