[AS2]Else If Problem

Hi everyone, its been awhile. I’m still working on the battle engine, and I’m up to the phase where I’m programming a in-detailed enemy AI(its turn-based btw).

I’ll cut straight to the chase. For some out-of-the-whack reason, “else if” doesn’t work, but “else” does.

Heres my current code:

 if(_root.enemymana == 20) {
                enemyAttackList = [];
                enemyAttackList.push([COLOR=SeaGreen]"Laser Blast","Arrow Shot","Focus","Normal"[/COLOR]);
[LEFT]                currentAttack = enemyAttackList[1]
                } else { [COLOR=Gray]//if (_root.enemymana > 20) {[/COLOR]
                enemyAttackList = [];
                currentAttack = enemyAttackList[0]

Now this works, but when I implement “else if”, it won’t cycle through it. I’ve tried taking out “else” and putting “if” instead, but it won’t budge either.

Any bright ideas?