AS2/Flash 8 help on stopping timer

I need help stopping a timer. I had help from an advanced AS person, but he is gone on vacation and is unable to help me–and I need this today. I have a variable blnEdit that he told me if it was true I would not increment the timer number. So what would the code be to not increment the timer? I just don’t know what to put where the red [COLOR=red]X[/COLOR] is.

displayTime2 = 30;
function countDown2() {
if (displayTime2<=0) {
frameNumber = ranMove[random(ranMove.length)];

//and it lists conditions but I need help on this:

if(blnEdit == true) {
displayTime = [COLOR=red]X[/COLOR] ;
displayTime2 = [COLOR=red]X[/COLOR];
trace(“we are in edit mode”);