AS2 How can I discover/access on(release) functions on clips within loaded swf

I’ve been scouring the forums and AS2 documentation and trying every thing I could think of to find out if/where on(release) functions might be “hiding” on clips within loaded movies. My particular problem is that I need to load external AS2 swfs into my AS2 container movie and discover whether they have clips in them that have buttons (or button events on movie clips). I’ve been able to query the loaded swf for it’s objects and variables, but when those objects have names like myButton, and I don’t see any action script functions for them on the main time line, they’ve probably got on(release) functions defined on the clip. I need to be able to target and trigger these functions to test if they break my container and/or behave correctly within my container. I can target their scope (i.e. myloadedMovie.buttonClip) , but I can’t call the function or (Better) get function paramaters like (on(release){getURL(_level0.clickTag, “_blank”);

Anybody ever try this - can it be done? How???