[AS2] How do I change a swf to a new web banner size?

This must be a common problem… but I don’t find ANY solution to it anywhere…

I have different web banners that sometimes only needs to have a different width and height (pixels) to fit elsewhere on my wehsite. I’m tired of doing the Flash web banner from scratch always…

I have 2 question:

  1. When I only have the SWF
    I have a web banner a SWF with 995x150 pix.
    How can I load this banner into a a new bannersize 468 x120 pix
    and keep all the objects in the swf proportional (not stretched). And keep the tweens, timeline functions and so on. I need the banner to always be identical like original. There could be other web banner sizes to fit.

  2. When I have the *FLA
    How do I resize all the objects from 995x150 pix to 468x120 pix, or
    any new size without corrupting the objects, time and tween inside the FLA.

Flash CS3 Pro.

Would save my day if I get any response on this problem!!!