[AS2 in CS4 - crazy eh] Rollover fisheye lens


(AS2 in CS4 - it’s just wrong, I know…)

I’ve created a map with lots of small movieclips (a bit like this, but the mcs are even smaller: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/eb8290cc-155d-11de-b9a9-0000779fd2ac.html).

When a user hovers on a county/movieclip, I wanted a localised zoom so they could see what they were doing. For speed, I bought and added a fisheye lens extension. It looks great but it’s stopped the onRollOver working.

I guess the fisheye movieclip is in front of the county movieclips. So is there any way to make the fisheye movieclip “transparent”, so the onRollOver action still applies to the counties?

Or if I get the mouse x and y co-ordinates, can I use AS2 to work out which movieclip is at that location?

Also, does anyone know if the user would have to install this fisheye extension to see the effect?

Thanks for any help,