AS2 Newbies Seeking help

I’m attempting to write my first application in AS2, and reading Moock’s EAS as I go, but I’m stuck. I’m trying to create a clip that loads a full size jpg into a thumbnail size clip (scales down), creates a tint over that jpg, and then draw a border around the jpg. Then when someone mouses-over the jpg, I want the tint to change the alpha to 0 so the jpg shows with no tint. Am I missing some trick for triggering events onMouseOver or onRelease? I’ve tried all kinds of functions all kinds of ways with no luck. I can set the alpha of the tint in the fla, so I know that property is getting passed, I just can’t change it. Right now, this is the function I’m trying to use (in the as class);

public function onRollOver (target:MovieClip):Void {
container_mc.shade_mc._alpha = 0;

Do I need to set up a listener or something? I’m totall perplexed? Any advice is greatly appreciated.